After the nightmare, a ray of hope

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After the nightmare, a ray of hope

After the nightmare, a ray of hope

If the Sun sets, it also rises

Everyone will have his/her own assessment of the year that is coming to an end at midnight today.

I consider the revival of the Congress Party as one of the worst things that happened in India in 2018. The last month of the year saw the electoral victory of the party in three states in the Hindi heartland.

I do not understand how millions of Indians are supporting the party of an Italian lady and her half Italian but fully immature son. Who is Sonia Gandhi? A semi-educated girl comes from Italy and becomes supreme leader of India’s oldest political party only because of her marriage to Rajeev Gandhi whose only qualification was that he was son of Indira Gandhi who entered politics only because she was daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru who became the first Prime Minister of India only because Mahatma Gandhi whom people called Bapu preferred him over Sardar Patel who was the choice of 15 out of 18 Provincial Congress Committees in 1946. For 10 years she controlled the Government of India through her loyal nominee Dr. Manmohan Singh and we proudly call ourselves the world’s largest democracy! (By the way, I do not consider Dr Manmohan Singh an ‘Accidental Prime Minister’. He had worked very hard to be Sonia’s first choice.)

Sonia converted the oldest political party as well as its assets into her family property. Her reign – 10 years of UPA rule – in India will go down in history as the most corrupt one. Now her only aim is to see her baby, Rahul, as the Prime Minister of India though he is not fit even to be mayor of a city.

After victory in three states, Rahul’s supporters are shouting that ‘Pappu has passed’. The victory has encouraged the corrupt full Italian and half Italian to seize 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi, the official residence of India’s Prime Minister.

If power slips into the hands of the Italian lady and her half-Italian son, the good old days will come back for all those who made money during her earlier reign and those who missed the opportunity. In fact, there will be a golden era to loot India.

Imagine the scenario. Here are a few possibilities.

Christian Michel becomes an honoured state guest. After being honoured with Padma Vibhushan (if not Bharat Ratna), he goes back loaded with gifts and guarantees that not just VVIP choppers, even Rafale fighters (after the present contract is cancelled) will be purchased only through him on mutually beneficial terms and conditions.
Half Indian Robert Vadra will become the country’s biggest landlord without any investment from his own pocket.

P. Chidambaram will go back to the North Block to complete the Aircel Maxis deal.

The present Rafale deal will be cancelled. India does not have to fear anybody, certainly not Pakistan.

Narendra Modi will the charge-sheeted for making money in several deals, the biggest one being the Rafale deal.

The case of Sajjan Kumar will go to the Joint Parliamentary Committee.

There will be transparency in all government decisions. There will be no need to bring any officer in the midnight in a car with black glasses to 10, Janpath to tell him that he has been appointed CVC or Director, CBI, for mutual benefit, ‘You take care of us. We will take care of you’.

Sonia Gandhi will move to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Priyanka Gandhi will also shift her residence there. This will save Prime Minister’s valuable time on journeys for the meetings of Troika.

India will be held as the modern age Roman Empire.

In case there is a coalition government headed by Rahul baba, Sharad Pawar will gratefully accept the position of Deputy Prime Minister (something is better than nothing). To him, Sonia’s Italian birth will become her greatest virtue. Asaduddin Quaisi, the symbol of secularism, will become Home Minister. Digvijay Singh will become Defence Minister. Tejashwi Yadav (now a national leader) or Rabri Devi will become Railway Minister to complete the mission Laloo had initiated. Or, maybe, Tejashwi Yadav becomes Education Minister

Reads like worst nightmares? Please do not lose heart. As John Milton wrote way back in 1634, ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining’.

According to India Today’s latest Political Stock Exchange (PSE) report, in Bihar in December 2018, 61% people want to see Narendra Modi as Prime Minister again in 2019, up from 58% in September. As against that, only 34% favour Rahul Gandhi.

The report further says that while 49% favoured Nitish Kumar, only 29% would like to see Tejashwai Yadav as Bihar’s Chief Minister.

According to a nationwide online survey conducted jointly by news app Dailyhunt and the market research firm Nielsen India that reached over 5 million people, around 63% of the respondents trusted Modi and over 50% believed that given a second term, he would bring a better future.

Pappu has passed only a small test. Hope he fails in the final round in 2019. Let us have faith in the wisdom of the majority of Indians.

Hopefully, by the time the next general election is held, Sonia, Rahul and all their henchmen will be fully exposed.

After the nightmare, a ray of hope

Devendra Narain

December 31, 2018


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  1. Vimal Vasisht 3 weeks ago

    It is not all that nightmarish. Worse will happen if these Romans are back


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