Arvind Kejriwal has become a nuisance

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Arvind Kejriwal has become a nuisance


(A common question after unceremonious withdrawal from LG’s House where he and his colleagues were intruders: what has Kejriwal gained? People have certainly gained; they have realised that they committed a blunder by voting for a party led by a stupid fellow. Since he is iuncapable of governing Delhi, he is resorting to all sorts of antics.)


Arvind Kejriwal has become a nuisance. He is nothing but a nuisance There is no other term for this man.The Delhi High Court had rightly asked him , ‘who authorised you to hold dharana at LG House?’ The fast rise and imminent fall of Arvind Kejriwal (the process of fall has started) reminds me of the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte though there is little in common between the two who belong to two entirely different periods in history.

If Napoleon was responsible for killing millions of people, Kejriwal will go down in history as one who worked hard to to destroy the Constitution of India.

Born on 15 August 1769, at the age of 35, Napoleon became Emperor of France. In his own words, ‘I found the ground of France lying in the dust. I picked it up with my sword and put it on my head.’

Born on16 August 1968, at the age of 45, Arvind Kejriwal became the second youngest Chief Minister of Delhi. The ‘crown’ was virtually offered to him on a silver platter in the 2013 Delhi assembly election. The people of Delhi were fed up with the Congress rule and were hankering for a change. In the absence of a strong local leader, the BJP declared a rank outsider as its chief ministerial candidate that alienated the RSS workers. Having got the unprecedented victory, though not a clear majority, Kejriwal believed that he would get similar support at the national level. After 49 days of chief ministership, he resigned and challenged Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha election, perhaps hoping to become a national leader, if not the Prime Minister. He lost the security deposit but that did not discourage him. He returned to Delhi politics and 67 of 70 seats in the next assembly election made him believe that notwithstanding the defeat in the Parliament election in 2014, he was destined to become a national hero. Before becoming Chief Minister in December 2013, he used to attack smaller political leaders. After establishing himself in Delhi, Narendra Modi became the main target of attack. If any politician has national ambition, Narendra Modi is the main hurdle. The Lt Governor of Delhi became the second target.

Napoleon was an accomplished general with rich experience of success in several wars before he became Emperor. Yet committed several blunders when, as emperor, he raised the largest army in the history to conquer major part of the world. His ambition remained unfulfilled and he spent last six years of life in prison where he reflected on why he failed. His famous words of wisdom are ‘Pen is mightier than sword’ and ‘The Continental System, the Spanish ulcer, and the Russian campaign ruined me.’

Kejriwal, basically an agitator who specialises in negative politics, became Chief Minister without any knowledge of how to govern. He announced many ambitious programmes but did not do how to implement. The Mohalla Sabhas (local councils) remained non-starter ( Large number of Mohalla clinics started with so much fanfare – the concept got international appreciation – but without adequate medical and paramedical personnel are in tatters. The Delhi High Court has frowned upon the supply of 20 KL of free water, another flagship programme of the Kejriwal government. Kejriwal had promised to end the tanker mafia but the people of several localities still depend on same tanker mafia.

Unlike Napoleon, Kejriwal does not admit his mistakes.  To cover up his own failures, he keeps on blaming the Indian Constitution (for not giving Delhi status of full-fledged state) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Lt. Governor ((for not letting him function). He also blames the Delhi IAS officers for not cooperating because of the pressure of Prime Minister and LG.

His blaming the Indian Constitution is like an examinee blaming the question paper for failure to pass though, in reality, he (the examinee) had not studied the subject. Did Kejriwal not know before contesting the Delhi Assembly elections that Delhi was only a union territory that derived powers from the Constitution read with National Capital Territory of Delhi Act (NCTDA) and the Transaction of Business Rules framed under Section 44 of the NCTDA? In a landmark judgement August 8, 2016, on the interpretation of these constitutional and legal provisions, the Delhi High Court made it clear that Delhi being only a UT, the real executive power was vested in the administrator, the LG. The Delhi government’s appeal is pending in the Supreme Court that did not stay the High Court order. (

Under the Indian Constitution, all units of the federation to not have identical provisions. There are special provisions for the States of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir (which has its own Constitution and flag), Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Telangana.

If Kejriwal is feeling handicapped, the Aam Admi Party (AAP) should spare the people of Delhi and let some other party govern the union territory. He cannot blow hot and cold. He cannot contest the election to become chief minister of union territory and then demand upgradation.

It is the height of stupidity on the part of Kejriwal to blame Prime Minister Modi and LG. Both of them are functioning within the provisions of the Constitution of which Kejriwal has absolutely no knowledge. There is a saying in Hindi नाच ना जाने आँगन टेढ़ा (Nach Na Jane Angan Tedha ) meaning one who does not admit his own mistakes and blames others for his failures or one who quarrels with his own tools.

If a person of Kejriwal’s mindset becomes Chief Minister of a state or even Prime Minister of India, he will blame the Constitution for not giving him free hand to rule. He will say that he has to get the approval of the Cabinet even for the best programmes for the people and he has to get bills passed by the assembly or by the two houses of the legislature (8 States have bicameral legislature).

The politicians or Chief Ministers of some states supporting Kejriwal and blaming the central government for violating the provisions of the Constitution are firing at Narendra Modi from the Kejriwal’s shoulder. They have least interest in Kejriwal’s political ambition. In fact, they would be happy if Kejriwal is politically finished. They are serving their own narrow political interests.

Kejriwal’s contention that the IAS officers are not cooperating is also a foolish attempt to mislead the people. He very well knows that the IAS officers of the Union Territory of Delhi are under the administrative jurisdiction of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. Had he been a wise man, he would have won their cooperation. Instead, he and his party workers alienated them by insulting and accusing them. The climax was the midnight ugly incident involving the Chief Secretary at the residence of the Chief Minister. After this, the Kejriwal government has no moral right to expect the IAS officers’ respect. As the IAS officers have said time and again, they are not on a strike. But Kejriwal government keeps on insisting that they are.

Now he and his three colleagues on hunger strike – apparently in support of their senseless demands but in reality to win public sympathy – have parked themselves in an air-conditioned room in the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor, perhaps hoping that if not the Prime Minister, sooner or later the Union Home Minister or the LG will come to save his face. Outside the LG’s residence, the AAP workers have been holding demonstrations. The AAP leaders, not on hunger strike, have given a golden opportunity to the unemployed workers of the otherwise irrelevant CPM led by unemployed and irrelevant Seetaram Yechury to play a small part on the political stage of Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal has become a nuisanceI think Kejriwal has placed himself in the same position in which Napoleon had placed himself during the Russian campaign. When he led about 6,80,000 soldiers to capture Russia, after initial bloody battles the Russian generals adopted the policy of strategic retreat. By the time the French soldiers – more than 4 lakhs had been killed in battles – reached Moscow, the harsh Russian winter had set in. Now they had no option but to retreat. During the Russian winter with which the French soldiers were not familiar, they killed their horses for meals and killed their own fellow soldiers. More than 80,000 deserted and vanished. In the end, only about 1 lakh soldiers could return to France.

I suggest the Union Government should just ignore Kejriwal and let him and his stupid friends stay put in the Raj Nivas or move to a hospital. When they will see that there are totally ignored, they will retreat to their own government bungalows, maybe to prepare another round of strategy to win public sympathy.

There are a few important lessons we have learned.

One, Delhi should never be made full-fledged State of the Union. Delhi is capital of the country. We cannot afford a state government that is always at war with the central government.

Two, to show him/her his/her proper place, the post of Delhi Chief Minister should be designated as Lieutenant Chief Minister. If the Union Territory has got a Lieutenant Governor, it is more appropriate to call the Chief Minister Lt. Chief Minister. ( Right)

Three, it is not enough that candidates contesting elections and MLAs and MPs take oath declare their allegiance to the Constitution. It should be mandatory to declare that they have read and understood the Constitution.

Four, the people of Delhi should teach a lesson to politicians like Kejriwal so that they retire from political life. Such negative politicians are very dangerous for democracy. They will never allow the country to be governed in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

Let us hope and pray after the next Delhi Assembly election Arvind Kejriwal becomes history. That will be end of a bad dream.

Devendra Narain

June 18, 2018


It will take some time before full implications of the Supreme Court order on July 4 are understood. Whatever the implication of the order, no self-respecting person can work with Arvind kejriwal.

Devendra Narain




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  1. S.k.sharma 7 months ago

    Sir,Kejriwal did not become CM of Delhi at the age of 34year,as initially mentioned in ur article probably by oversight.He is 1968 born(as mentioned in ur article)and first became CM of Delhi in 2013- thus that time he was about 45 years old.


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