Film on Rahul Gandhi’s Religion, Caste and Gotra

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(A political satire)


Shooting of film, “Rahul for 2019”

Film on Rahul Gandhi’s Religion, Caste and Gotra


 Scene: Rahul Gandhi sitting with folded hands in the famous Pushkar temple of Rajasthan for shooting of film “Rahul for 2019″. He is not sitting cross-legged because he cannot. Due to his physical constraints, he has been allowed to sit like that. The shooting is to start for seeking divine blessings for victory in 2019.

Director asks, “Ready, Sir?

Rahul Gandhi nods his head with confidence.

Director signals: “Light, Camera, Action.”


Dialogue between Rahul and the priest.

Priest: Your name please.

Rahul: Rahul Gandhi.

Priest: Father’s name?

Rahul: Rajeev Gandhi

Priest: Your religion?

Rahul: Hindu.

Priest: Caste?

Rahul: Kashmiri Brahmin.

Priest: Gotra?

Rahul looks around for help.

Director: “Cut”.

Rahul looks at the Director who meekly says, “Sorry, Sir. You have forgotten the last part. Your Gotra is Dattatreya.”

Rahul looks annoyed. “What the hell is this Gotra? And who the hell is this Dattare?

 Director looks helplessly around for support. He calls a Rahul crony and tells him, “Why is he asking all these questions? Please advise him to stick to the script? That’s all.” The crony whispers something in Rahul’s ears. Rahul nods his head. “Okay. Give me the script again”, he says.

Assistant director gives the script. After going through it a couple of times, he announces, “I’m ready. No mistake this time.”

A happy director again announces “Light. Camera. Action.

The shooting starts from the beginning. This time when Priest asks, “Your Gotra, please.

A confident Rahul announces, “Dattatreya”.

Director is happy. Announces, “Excellent, Sir. Perfect. You have given a perfect scene. Thanks. After a few minutes, we will shoot the next scene.

A beaming Rahul tells his cronies, “You see, I can do it. I have done it. When my film is released, Modi Ji will be silenced.”

Clapping by all.

Devendra Narain

November 27, 2018


For those not familiar with ‘gotra’ and ‘Dattatreya’:

In Hindu culture, the term gotra (Sanskrit: गोत्र) is commonly considered to be equivalent to clan. It broadly refers to people who are descendants in an unbroken male line from a common male ancestor or patriline. (Source Wikipedia)

Dattatreya (दत्तात्रेय) is the name of an ancient Hindu monk (Sannyasi), believed to be collective incarnation of three Gods  BrahmaVishnu, and Shiva, and had three heads.

Perhaps, Dattatreya Gotra exists only among Kashmiri Brahmins.



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