PNB Fraud: CBI and ED should quiz Rahul Gandhi

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PNB Fraud: CBI and ED should quiz Rahul Gandhi

The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) and ED (Enforcement Directorate) should quiz the Congress President Rahul Gandhi to understand the real modus operandi used by Nirav Modi and others to commit frauds and siphon off thousands of crores of rupees from the Punjab National Bank and other banks. If quizzing him is not already on the agenda of the investigating agencies, they should include it as early as possible. I am not joking. I am quite serious and I have reasons to be so.

So far the general impression is that Rahul Gandhi is a ‘Pxxxx’. During the Gujarat election, the Election Commission of India had banned the use of the term. Though I have not read in newspapers that there is a similar ban for other elections, I have no intention of getting on the wrong side of the law. In India, we have election season almost throughout the year. Right now, Rahul is campaigning in Meghalaya and Karnataka where elections are to be held shortly. I do not want to cause any mental tension to him.

In any case, after sensational disclosures by Rahul Gandhi about how Nirav Modi and others cheated the banks and looted public money, I am convinced that he is a well-informed and intelligent political leader. He has placed himself in the august company of well-informed and  wise persons like Sonia Gandhi, P. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Salman Khursid, Digvijay Singh and likes of them. In fact, I will say that being leader of all these worthies including his mother, he has surpassed them in wisdom and getting access to top-secret information.

Yesterday, on February 21, on camera in Shillong, Rahul Gandhi linked the banking frauds to democratisation in gnome 2016. To quote him:

“First Narendra Modi demonetised the economy, then he told the people of India to stand in queues in front of banks, then behind the banks all the crooks changed their black money to white. Now, Nirav Modi comes along and says, ‘You know what, the money the Indian public put into banks – Rs 22,0000 crores of it – belongs to Nirav Modi. So, Nirav Modi takes the money.’  Mister Narendra Modi is not against corruption, he is corruption. He is the instrument of corruption.”

The investigating agencies must not have imagined what Mr Narendra Modi has been doing secretly. Now that the Congress President has spilled the beans, CBI and ED must act fast.

The investigating agencies know their work and are capable of preparing long list of questions which an  accused may take  hours to answer. Even then, I would like to suggest a few questions to be put to Rahul Gandhi.

  • When and how he, Rahul Gandhi, came to know that the purpose of democratisation was to help the crooks change their black money to white? Before or after democratisation or subsequently?


  • Did Mr Narendra Modi tell Nirav Modi or Nero Modi came to know of on his own that ₹ 22,000 crore of money by Indian public in the banks belongs to him (Nirav Modi)?


  • Did he, Mr Narendra Modi, tell other crooks how many crores of rupees belong to them?


  • If Rahul Gandhi knew all the secrets earlier, why was he keeping quiet before the frauds were detected?


  • Was he trying to give Mr Narendra Modi a long rope or was he giving more time to Nirav Modi and others to loot the banks?


  • Did Rahul Gandhi share these secrets with his mother and/or others?


  • Did Nirav Modi collect the loot in cash or through cheques or through Letters of Undertaking?


  • What is the difference between cheque and LOU?


  • How much time did Nirav Modi take to collect ₹ 22,000 crore?


  • What is the amount collected by others after democratisation?


  • How was it possible for these crooks to loot the public money even before democratisation, actually prior to Mr Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister?
  • Was Narendra Modi facilitating the loot as the Chief Minister of Gujarat also?

Rahul Gandhi should not have any difficulty in answering these questions because he seems to be an expert on banking and finance. He has personal experience of converting public money into private. (

The investigating agencies should hurry up. No one knows when Rahul Gandhi will get tired and bored and will leave India for unknown destination abroad to get his mind and body recharged to resume with new vigour his main profession, to attack Mr Narendra Modi for whatever happens anywhere in the country.

Having said all this, I cannot say whether after getting satisfactory reply from Rahul Gandhi – in fact, an insight into what happened – the investigating agencies will quiz Mr Narendra Modi also.


Devendra Narain

February 22, 2018


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