Biggest Liar of India

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Biggest Liar of India


This half Italian, grandson of an Italian fascist and a follower of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, is  the biggest liar of India.

The total cost of 36 Rafale Fighter Planes India is going to acquire is about Rs. 60,000/- cr. only but almost every day this fellow claims that through this deal Prime Minister Modi has put Rs. 30,000/- cr. in the pocket of Anil Ambani.

Many people like to dismiss him as a big fool  whom no one takes seriously. I do not agree. He is the biggest liar but not a big fool. His objective is to reduce Modi’s popularity. If he succeeds in convincing 4-5 percent of Modi supporters, BJP may lose power in 2019.

If BJP loses in 2019, who will be Prime Minister? Rahul Gandhi? Mayawati? Rabari Devi? Mamata Banerjee? Akhiles Yadav? Chandrababu Naidu? Tejaswi Yadav? Each option is frightening.

Devendra Narain


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