Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister

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Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi sleeping in the Lok Sabha

Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister

  In his speech in the USA Rahul Gandhi said freedom

                            fighters like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were all NRIs.


A couple of days back, I raised a question on my Facebook “What will be image of India if, God forbid, Rahul Gandhi becomes Prime Minister?”

Without waiting for the readers’ reaction, I give my own assessment: “India will become a laughing stock in the world. He will ruin the country and provide entertainment to country’s detractors.”

A reader did not like my question or reply. Normally I do not indulge in unnecessary debate with my readers. I departed from the normal practice because there are many persons who might be thinking the way this a specific reader has reacted.

His first comment on the Facebook was: “Let the people decide as we are a democracy. No one is perfect in this world. Earlier also election was contested in the name of Sonia Gandhi but ultimately Dr Manmohan Singh was selected as P.M. Wait and watch.”

My reply was, “yes, we have democracy. Rahul Gandhi may become Prime Minister. That is why I have raised this question.”

I took the opportunity to remove the wrong impression about how Dr Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister in a democracy. Former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has written that when Sonia Gandhi met him after general election in 2014, he told her that he was waiting to administer oath of office of Prime Minister to her but she replied that the oath of office should be administered to her nominee Dr Manmohan Singh. Dr Singh was not people’s choice. He had not entered the Parliament as an elected member of the Lok Sabha. He was member of the Rajya Sabha from Assam. For contesting the election to the Rajya Sabha, he had given his address as c/o Chief Minister, Assam.

Not satisfied with my reply, the reader made another comment:  For that matter Arun Jetly has also lost Loksabha election but he is Finance Minister of India . Any member of either House can be appointed as Minster or Prime Minister of India.There is no provision in the Indian constitution to nominate prime minister of India by some one.Only the party having majority in Lok Sabha elect his leader for the Post of Prime Minister.Rahul Gandhi is elected M.P of Loksabha and have all qualifications to hold any post under constitution if his party enjoy majority in house and party elect him their leader.

I posted two more replies

A Prime Minister from the second chamber of the Parliament is not the same thing as a minister from the second chamber. To have a Prime Minister from the second chamber which does not consist of directly elected members is against the spirit of parliamentary democracy. Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home was the last Prime Minister from the House of Lords. Soon after becoming Prime Minister in October 1963, he renounced his peerage, contested election and became a member of the House of Commons, to establish the convention that the Prime Minister should always be from the lower house.

It is not a question of internal party matter. It is a question of basic characteristics of parliamentary democracy. That the Congress party is controlled by a dynasty can also not be dismissed as internal party matter.

The reader simply ticked “Like”

I would and appreciate the views of the readers of this blog.

Devendra Narain

September 25, 2017


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