The biggest national crisis, split in Congress Troika

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The biggest national crisis, split in Congress Troika

Congress is Troika. Troika is Congress.

The Congress party that once told the world that ‘Congress is Indira. Indira is Congress’ is now saying that ‘Congress is Troika. Troika is Congress’. The members of the Troika are one full Italian called Sonia Gandhi in India and her two children, i.e. two half Italians, Pappu alias Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra.

At the time of writing this serious article, a TV channel has announced that there is split in the Troika on who should be the Congress Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

After the Rajasthan Congress MLAs failed to select leader of the parliamentary party, the rival claimants – Ashok Gehlot and Rajesh Pilot – rushed to Pappu and then returned to Jaipur with some assurance not known to the ordinary mortals.

The supporters of the rivals are now trying to decide the issue in a physical battle in the streets of Jaipur. So far, we have no information about the casualties but TV channels are showing smokes coming from burning vehicles.

(Maybe, tomorrow Narendra Modi will be blamed for violence in Jaipur.)

Ashok Gehlot rushed to Pappu again.

When Pappu could not take a decision, the other two members of the Troika rushed to his bungalow to please help. However, instead of helping him, they started asserting. Pappu wants his young friend Rajesh Pilot as Chief Minister, but the other two members of the Troika want their favourite Ashok Gehlot . So, the battle is now in Pappu’s drawing room. The nation is waiting for the decision.

This is going to be the way decisions would be taken by the Congress governments in different states. Whenever there would be difference of opinion in the Cabinet, the matter will be put up before the Troika which will decide by majority of two to one.

The same practice will continue if Pappu becomes Prime Minister. All major decisions will be taken by the Troika. In case of war, the two senior members will also sit in the War Room to guide the Pappu member and Prime Minister.

The English rulers left India in August 1947. Full and half Italians are trying to capture power.

What are you doing, citizens of the largest democracy of India?

Devendra Narain

December 13, 2018



A top-secret information: The two senior members of the Troika have told the junior member, ‘You are a Pappu and you will remain a Pappu.’

Devendra Narain

December 13, 2018


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