Wait for the next episode in Alok Verma serial

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Wait for the next episode in Alok Verma serial


As I had anticipated in my article (Supreme Court erred…  https://devendranarain.com/supreme-court-er…-alok-verma-case/) , Mapanna Mallikarjun Kharge, leader of the largest party in the Lok Sabha, supported Alok Verma in the meeting of the high-powered Selection Committee. Obviously, Prime Minister and the Supreme Court judge took the decision to remove him on the basis of “very uncomplimentary” charges in the CVC report. The fact that the Congress is shouting from the rooftop in favour of Verma raises many more questions about what he had been doing as Director. The Congress supports only those judges and officers who act in its favour. When a judge or an officer acts against the interest of the Congress, he/she is condemned.

Verma’s appointment as Director General of Fire Services, Civil Defence and Home Guards sets a bad precedence. If there are serious allegations against him that warranted his removal from the CBI, he should have been suspended or at least sent on leave till the date of his retirement. Are Fire Services so unimportant that an officer not found fit for a sensitive post, is fit to be Director-General of this department?

Let us wait and watch, how the government proceeds against Verma in the light of the CVC report.

The government should immediately get a law passed for the removal of Director CBI who has the potential to become another Alok Verma.

Devendra Narain

January 10, 2019




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